The Story

An inspiring story of love and companionship.

thestory 1

Emma and Aaron are Airedale Terriers.  Soul mates.  Separated by death.  Then they are reunited as spirits in the high wild country they love.  Now they are together for eternity.

In this land of sparkling water, rocky crags, wind and sun, snow and flowers, their happiness is complete.  When they see their life-long human partners, Sue and Bill, wandering again across these beloved fragrant heathlands and wild misty moors, they are overjoyed.

Emma and Aaron, though invisible, share these times happily. They know they will all be together one day.  Their sorrow at having left Sue and Bill is eased. The shining threads of their loving bonds are woven around them to comfort them all.

Life still brings surprises.   One day, Emma and Aaron become the invisible guardians of Charlie and Rose, two Airedales who are lost during a wild and fierce storm.

We share their journey as Charlie and Rose meet the challenges of survival.  Danger and threats are real and fearsome.  Courage, determination and support are needed, and resourcefulness and strength must be found.  We follow Charlie as he learns the ways of the wild and how to provide for his mate, and we see the protective instincts of Rose tested to the full.

More than anything, Emma’s Journey is a life affirming story of loss and renewal, and of the circle of life.  Our spirits are nurtured through the healing powers of wild places.  We understand that the bonds of love are strong and, as the dark shadows recede, our beloved companions live again to dwell forever in our hearts.