The High Wild Country

emma highcountry 2

There is a place for each of us, if we but seek it.  A place in which the soul may find its rest, and the spirit may be restored.  A quiet place, a place of the heart. A place where old footprints may greet you, comfortable as old and dear friends.

A place where it is possible to feel so utterly centred within that all anguish, all fear, all pain, all grief, all uncertainty, no longer exists.

Such a place does not need words, or speech.  It may not even need form or shape … for you may carry it within yourself.

Yet for the two of us, and our beloved companions with whom we share each and every moment, that place does indeed have form and shape.  It is the High Wild Country … and we are blessed in that we also carry it within our hearts.  It needs but the call of the Currawong lilting in the distance  ~  and we are there.

Imagine a silence so pure that your ears can hear it singing.  Imagine air drifting sweetly, fragrantly, bearing all the perfumes of the flowers upon which you lie.  Imagine the distant tumble and rush of a crystal cascade, streaming swiftly, purposefully, upon its own secret journey; fringed with mosses and ferns and heaths sparkling with water-diamonds.  Imagine the wide wild heaths, springy with soft grass, dappled with cloud shadows swiftly racing before the high wind.  Imagine the smooth silk of the snow gum trunks, upon which your hand may lie, feeling the heartbeat of the spirits within. And as the first snowflakes blanket each leaf, twig and stem, covering the frail gentians of summer's last days, we too may drift quietly into deep peace ~ a true repose of the soul and the spirit.

It is here that our hearts belong, and where freedom lies.  We know beyond question that the spirits of Emma, of Aaron, of Airlie, of MeggyBear, and of all the companions who have since journeyed to the High Wild Country, are beside us and are sharing our joy of that knowledge.

May each of you find the High Wild Country of your heart ~ and in the finding, may you also find the solace of the spirit which lives forever.