from Emma's friends as written to her, please enjoy them.

emma aaron

“… thank you so much for Emma’s Journey ! … amongst the tears there was joy and fun, a most wonderful journey.  I felt that I knew Emma and Aaron and their journey was also mine; when you have seen a bond like theirs, you know that this relationship is special and enduring.  Emma’s Journey will be read again and again, and is already very much cherished.”  S.H., Victoria, Australia

“ I received the two books in the mail on Saturday.  They are gorgeous!  I have been showing them to everyone who will stand and listen!  Thank you for the beautiful inscriptions .. you really touched my heart.”  S.G.  Wisconsin, USA

“I started reading … and could not put it down.  Emma’s Journey has given me a new perspective …I look forward to a time of reunion with my beloved companions of all the years…my greatest thanks for this special book, you have given me so much hope and comfort.”  June Dutcher, California USA

“Oh what a glorious book!  The story stays with one forever after …the illustrations are beautiful … I could smell the cool mountain air … thank you for taking us beyond our own limitations into the spiritual world of love, companionship and devotion …”  Janet W McN, Missouri USA

“I’m so grateful to have a copy in my library and know I will read it over and over again. Emma gave me a whole new perspective.   It’s stunningly poignant …this book is a gift to all of us.  I shall treasure it always.”    Joey Warren, Washington State, USA

“ I feel privileged … it is a wonderful book for all ages”  Peter H, Sydney, Australia

“I was reading the book to my godson at bedtime .. he is 9 years old.  I tell you, it was one of my best times with him.”    Tania J, Melbourne, Australia

“… I know my little pup Dugan is safe … Emma and Aaron, Airlie and MeggieBear are teaching him all of the things that I didn’t have a chance … here on earth…I highly recommend this to everyone!”   Michele M, USA

“Having read Emma’s Journey no less than 12 times in the first week … our sadness is somehow lessened… every reader will connect with this bittersweet story.  An heirloom, a keepsake, a *must for everyone…Thank you.”    Debbie Carley, USA

“It is so beautifully done … thank you for putting together this wonderful story … I did not think it would affect me so.  I am so happy and proud to have Emma’s Journey, I shall treasure it forever ”  Maureen T, Nova Scotia

“It’s so large than I thought and it’s soooooooo beautiful!  The bigger letter is easy to see to me.”   Shino, Japan

“This is a great Book and I will cherish it always.”   Al  G. USA

Emma’s Journey will take its rightful place on my coffee table … right now, it’s not leaving my side until I finish it.”  Patti W, USA

“In a hundred years people will still be pulling their copies from bookcases because your themes are eternal….   It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Emma became another J L Seagull”  Richard Barry, Writer, Lincs. UK

“I was not expecting to be challenged … a STUNNING BOOK”  Dan J. Melbourne, Australia

“It is truly a thing of beauty …”  Sidney H, Tucson, USA

“It brought tears to my eyes and I can only hope that my guys’ spirits have found each other”  Heide H, USA

“I waited for J to open it, she filled up with tears … what a lovely book”  Byron F, Wales UK

“What a wonderful book  …thank you so much”  Shirley G, UK

“We will be fighting over who reads it first! … will read it with a large glass of Australian Red Wine!”  Jan and Keith, UK

“For our family, Emma is the perfect resource to pave the way for an inevitable loss we are facing in our family”  Christine and Terry, Melbourne Australia

“Magical …..”   Nicki Booth, Editor Pets Vets ‘n People, Australia

A beautiful story, especially for families, that celebrates love, loss and renewal …” Tonya Roberts, ABC Radio, Melbourne Australia

“…Emma’s Journey is a grand story to read and read again … it shows us that mourning is followed by the joy of renewal…”   Dr Hugh Wirth, Veterinarian, Melbourne Australia

“My day has been spent in the High Country … found myself gripped, enthralled by all you have observed … What splendid illustrations ….What great story tellers you are!  I read all 100 pages in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down.  Sharing your experiences … has been most moving for me…I want to order four more Emmas please”  Barbara B, Queensland, Australia